Move Over Pizza, Whistler’s Got New Late Night Grub in Town


We have an exciting and drool-worthy announcement to share; we are now offering our full dinner menu up until midnight every night. While we love a greasy slice of late night ‘za just as much as the next one, it’s always better to have options, which is why we’ve put together a list of just a few of our favourite menu items, all available until 12 AM daily.

#1 – “The Burger”

Not to be confused with your average burger. “The Burger” on our menu features our house-made beef patty that is topped with duck confit and pork belly. If that’s not enough, we finish this bad boy off with beet, pea shoots, and a schezwan glaze and serve it alongside a bed of fries. Better yet, this yummy burger is packed full of iron and Vitamin B-12 so you can feel (somewhat) healthier while indulging.

#2 – Pork Belly & Seafood Duo

If pork belly and bacon were ever in a fight, pork belly would win. Don’t get us wrong, we love bacon but pork belly is just better, which is why we’ve featured it in this dish. The delicious and salty pork is paired with plump prawns and scallops, and topped with a truffle lime + honey glaze. If you have a craving for some late night gourmet, this is the dish for you!

#3 – Craft Beer

Lest we forget beer; a pint from our craft selection is sure to pair nicely with your late night cravings. Our craft beer selection is one of Whistler’s finest, so if you’re looking for a hoppy (or not so) brew, hit us up. We will help you pair a delicious pint with your equally delicious meal.

#4 – Arancini

Our Arancini Risotto Balls are stuffed with cheese, cheese and more cheese. Then we top it with smoked tomato sauce and arugula pesto. In our eyes the result is pure Italian perfection. We then top it with a smoked tomato romesco and arugula pesto. If you’re looking for a late night bite, we strongly suggest giving these babes a try!

#5 – Beer Pan Chicken

Hungry much? Give our Beer Pan Chicken a taste to ease the hunger pains. This locally sourced ½ bird is crisped to perfection, topped with a wheat ale gravy and served with scrumptious potato pave and seasonal veggies. We promise your tummy will stop grumbling after feasting on this one.