Main Street Noodles: The Inside Scoop


The word is finally out – there’s a new kid in town and it happens to be a noodle joint. While many are still grieving the loss of Dups Burrito’s (RIP, Chief Burrito), we have our sights set on our expanding food choices here in Whistler. We sat down with the chef for Main Street Noodles, Steph Gagné (who also happens to be our head chef at Brickworks) to get the inside scoop on the new restaurant opening up in Whistler.

Tell me about the concept for Main Street Noodles – where did the idea come from, what was the inspiration?

The owners have had the concept in their minds for a few years now but they have been waiting on the perfect location to become available. They have always been big fans of Asian inspired cuisine and knew that we needed something like that in Whistler. When they heard this location was up for grabs, they knew it was meant to be. It’s a perfect fit for their grab & go concept.

What should we expect when MSN opens?

The average price point for a meal will be around $15. All of our dishes will begin as vegetarian options at around $10-13 and people can add protein such as beef, chicken, shrimp or tofu if they wish. We have a wide range of Asian-style dishes such as Shanghai, Kung Pow, Pad Thai, Peanut Sauce and Teriyaki. We’ve pretty much covered all of the bases. Customers will be able to find their regular go-to’s but also some unique creations.

Anything to report on the beverage front?

We will be licensed and serving bottled beer and cider.

Are you making many changes to the space?

The owners are planning a fresh new look. It will have a completely different feel and it’s going to be really cool once it’s finished. Stay tuned!

Any idea of when MSN will open?

Early November

Is there anything else you want to add?

As Whistler locals ourselves, we really wanted to give Whistler something that we don’t already have but also make it affordable. We’re very excited to open it up and get some feedback from our community.