5 Date Night Ideas for Every Stage of a Relationship


Whistler is known for many things; world-class skiing, unparalleled mountain biking, a stunning natural environment and romance. Ostensibly, people come to Whistler to participate in some form of outdoor recreation but sometimes their motivations are of a more primal nature. Relationships blossom in this town and are nurtured by romantic encounters set in beautiful surroundings. Here are a couple of tips for every stage of your next love affair.

Live Music

The music is smooth, mood-setting and, best of all, free. Every Tuesday and Thursday evening, you can take out a different first date to The Brickworks Public House – get to know them while enjoying a few of the over 70 craft brews; or just sit back and let the local talent work their magic. See the upcoming lineup here.

Patio Drinks and Lake Hangs

If the first date was a success and you want to see them in the daylight to make sure it wasn’t all a dream, then meeting up for lunch/drinks on the new Brickworks patio is a solid choice. If the first date was a real success, going for breakfast on the patio works too. Head to any one of the many lakes in Whistler afterwards to bask in the sun, and each other.

Dinner and a Movie

If the summer fling is heating up and you’re looking for a quiet corner to get to know one another a little better but don’t want to break the bank in case things fizzle then dinner and a movie are just what the love doctor ordered. For $20, find out the most important details of a person: whether they share their fries and are into rom/coms with the Dinner and a Movie deal at Three Below.

Beer Pairing Dinners

Roughly once a month, which is about the frequency of ‘date night’ in a long-term relationship, The Brickworks Public House hosts a beer pairing dinner featuring a different craft brewery every time. It’s basically everything that’s good in the world; multiple courses, beer, and live music. Just a heads up, many a ‘date night’ have been extended to ‘date morning’ after a beer pairing dinner. The next one is June 28, but if you missed it, do not fear, you can find out when the next one is here.

Drink Specials

Sometimes things don’t work out. Good thing there’s $6.75 doubles, 4 shots for $14, 4 bombs for $20, or Kokanee and MGD bottles for $4.95 every day at Three Below.